Professional Sand Sculpture by SunWaveSandArt

Sara Sunshine started carving sand very early in her life, when her Mother met Big Wave Dave; she was just 11 years old. One year later her Mother married Big Wave Dave! Big Wave Dave lived on South Padre Island TX; Amazin' Walter and Sandy Feet would call Big Wave Dave to "come out & play" and sometimes Sara would come along. Building on a sand pile with these World Class Masters would be invaluable to her learning how to build Sand Sculptures!

She passed Big Wave Dave in her talent many years ago. She is truly gifted in her vision and creativity when she gets on a sand pile.

Big Wave Dave took a Sand Castle Building lesson from Amazin' Walter in January of 1992. They became close friends that very first day. BWD and Amazin' would make sand sculpting tools in the winter in Amazin's work shop and then try those tools out on the next sand pile. Mrs. BWD would get a phone call from Amazin' asking, "Can Dave come out and Play?" on his day off. I learned so much from both Amaziní & Sandy.

Together Sara Sunshine and Big Wave Dave is SunWaveSand Art! We have built sand sculptures all over the Great Lakes Region. "We build Indoors, Outdoors and even on a beach!"

Next time you need a sand sculpture for a proposal for a wedding, then that wedding, a backyard party, that event next summer, add us to your list of something different that will have people talking. Need a way to reward your employees, how about a Team Building Experience. Bring your Employees out to the beach and we will teach them how to work together as a team to build a better Sand Castle. The Employees will love it and they will work better together back at work as well!

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